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    Agenda for MSA Board Meeting 1/4/2021

    I.Call to Order                                                   

    II.President Report – Jennifer Steenberg

    III.Secretary Report – Kris Daniels

    IV.Treasurer Report – Michael Determan

    V.DOC Report – Tim Bunnell

    • Winter Training Update
    • Communication
    • TCSL Spring Season Update     

    VI.Technical Director – Adam

    • Winter Plans
    • Coaches Training


    • Director for 2021
    • Volunteers/Coaches
    • Program name/Structure

    VIII.Registrar Report

    • Transition of duties
    • Division of responsibilities

    IX.Old Business

    Committee Updates – Seeking Volunteers

    • Team Photos
    • Equipment Manager 
    • Event/Volunteer Coordinator
    • Manager Coordinator
      • Identify managers
      • Training meeting
      • Tournament registration
    • Apparel/Uniforms
      • Spring 2021 - orders
      • New Uniforms
      • Player and Parent fanwear
    • Tournament Scheduler - individual managers
    • Sponsorships
    • Referee Coordinator
      • GW - meeting
    • Website
      • Social Media
    • Field Coordinator
      • Field Scheduler - need volunteer
      • Field Maintenance – Scott Rice
    • Special Events
      • MN United Night 
      • Community Night 
      • Fall High School Soccer Night 
      • Family Fun Fair - not sure if this will occur 2021


    X.New Business


    Next Meeting - 8pm via google meet Feb 1, 2021

    Interested in becoming a Board Member?

    We are looking for any and all volunteers to take on roles within our soccer association! We would love to connect with you to discuss how you can help make our association even better. 

    Feel free to reach out to any current member of our board for details or email


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